Have you got a great idea for a book but you just can’t find the time to write?

Or perhaps you already have books under your belt...

…(strange place to keep them, but no judgements) but life has just thrown you a curve ball and now you can’t figure out when you’re going to write that next book.

We all have so many responsibilities.
Jobs, loved ones to care for, animals asking for cuddles and food and walks, houses to run, washing to do, not to mention a bit of downtime and some cake, thank you very much.

Suddenly the idea of writing a book seems exhausting and impossible.

But it’s not!

You can fit your writing into your busy schedule and get that book done even within a short deadline if you choose to, and this mini-course will show you how.

The Finding Time To Write mini-course takes only an hour to do and comprises of:

  • The Finding Time To Write workshop video
  • A downloadable PDF printable workbook to scribble on
  • The process for finding the time to write your book

What you’ll get from the Finding Time To Write mini-course:

By the end of this hour course, you’ll have:

  • A writing schedule that fits writing your book into your busy life.
  • A method for beating procrastination.
  • Ways to protect and make the most of that time that you’ve found.
  • How to turn your writing into a habit.
  • The knowledge of how to repeat this process every time life and your responsibilities change so you can keep writing.

You'll also get lifetime access to The Finding Time To Write mini-course, including all future updates.

Who The Finding Time To Write mini-course is for:

The Finding Time To Write mini-course is perfect for writers of any ability and at any stage in their writing journey.

You might be a seasoned writing pro who’s having trouble fitting writing around a new life change.

Or you might be someone who hasn’t started writing yet and isn’t sure where they’ll fit this new passion into their schedule.

Who The Finding Time To Write mini-course is NOT for:

Writers, at any stage, who have found time for their writing, know when they’re writing and don’t have a problem sticking to it.

The Finding Time To Write mini-course will give you the ingredients and process for always being able to find time to write, no matter what is going on with your life.

So, hit Buy Now, block out one hour of your time, print off the workbook (or choose one of your many notebooks), grab a pen, a drink and a slice of cake and let’s do this!
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All About Jenny Lewis

  • Jenny Lewis

    Jenny Lewis

    Hi! I'm Jenny, a book coach for women and a fantasy novelist, and I've been writing since I could hold a pencil and spell 'the'. I believe that stories are truly at the centre of every part of humanity and that you have at least one story in you, whether that comes out as a novel or in your business book. With over three decades of writing experience, three years of self-publishing experience, a background in marketing and 5 published novels under my belt (that would be weird, they're actually on my shelf), I want to help you find your voice, find your story and overcome the overwhelm, blocks and struggle of writing those words and getting your book into the hands of your readers.

What Others Say


It's awesome!


'Thank you so much for this workshop, it was truly awesome!'

Eee, I'm actually excited again!


'Eee, I'm actually excited (about writing) again!'

It really got me motivated...


'Thank you for putting this together, Jenny! It really got me motivated to get going on my novel.'

Over the past week I've written close to 2000 words...


'...over the past week I've written close to 2000 words which is a huge win! Thank you so much, Jenny! This has been wonderful...'

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