Stuck in an inspiration rut? Battling with writer’s block? Or maybe you’re not sure what to do with all of those ideas floating around your head?

You might not be struggling for ideas but does your story have a hole in it? Is your character missing something? Are you in need of more ideas and keeping your inspiration?

It can be especially difficult to find new ideas if you’re stuck in the same routine each day, which so many of us are. Jobs need to be worked, families need to be cared for and suddenly you realise you’ve been the walking the dog along the same route for two weeks.

Or maybe you’re in the process of writing your book but you’re finding it hard to focus. Shiny new ideas are pulling you away or perhaps you’ve been writing this book for so long, you’ve become a little bored with the ideas.

This mini-course will help!

The Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course takes only an hour to do and comprises of:

  • The Find Ideas and Get Inspired workshop video
  • A downloadable and printable workbook
  • A downloadable outline template
  • A downloadable brainstorming printable
  • A challenge so you can learn more about your own idea process.

What you’ll get from the Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course:

By the end of this hour course, you’ll have:
  • Exercises to find inspiration and ideas that you can repeat at any time in your own way
  • Tips on how to get inspired
  • And how to find ideas
  • How to keep and organise those ideas
  • Turning those ideas into something original
  • Mixing and developing your ideas into stories
  • Keeping the inspiration while you’re writing.

You'll also get lifetime access to the Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course, including all future updates.

Who The Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course is for:

The Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course is perfect for writers of any ability and at any stage in their writing journey.

You might be a seasoned writing pro who’s having trouble getting out of a writing block rut.

Or you might be someone who hasn’t started writing yet and isn’t sure how to fill the gaps in your story or how to use the ideas you have.

Who The Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course is NOT for:

Writers, at any stage, who have ideas, know what to do with them and can stay inspired at they’re writing.

The Find Ideas and Get Inspired mini-course leave you feeling inspired, bashing down the blocks and ready to get writing.

So, hit Buy Now, block out one hour of your time, print off the workbook (or choose one of your many notebooks), grab a pen, a drink and a slice of cake and let’s do this!

All About Jenny Lewis

  • Jenny Lewis

    Jenny Lewis

    Hi! I'm Jenny, a book coach for women and a fantasy novelist, and I've been writing since I could hold a pencil and spell 'the'. I believe that stories are truly at the centre of every part of humanity and that you have at least one story in you, whether that comes out as a novel or in your business book. With over three decades of writing experience, three years of self-publishing experience, a background in marketing and 5 published novels under my belt (that would be weird, they're actually on my shelf), I want to help you find your voice, find your story and overcome the overwhelm, blocks and struggle of writing those words and getting your book into the hands of your readers.

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My favourite writing coach


'...of all the writing coaches I've found so far, you are easily my favourite in terms of teaching ability, likability, and the trust you inspire.'

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'Jenny is an AMAZING person who is chockfull of great good humour, sparkling personality, and excellent advice. She's been one of my go-to writing personalities since I discovered her group a few months back.'

Excited again!


'Eee, I'm actually excited [about writing] again!'

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